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Anderson Fredericks Turner only works in areas of the law where our lawyers have a real depth of experience that can be called upon to make a difference in your case.

Anderson Fredericks Turner seeks to provide all clients with certainty with about legal costs. Our practice management allows us to provide you the best possible representation with the peace of mind of a fixed limit on your legal fees in most cases.


Whether we are dealing with a civil law or criminal law issue, our lawyers direct their attention towards efficient and effective ways of resolving disputes.



Anderson Fredericks Turner is a law firm with the capacity to represent individuals in the courtroom, no matter the simplicity or complexity of the case.



We deliver our services in an innovative, economical and effective way. Our legal fees are structured to give our clients certainty about their legal costs.


We work as a united team across Queensland. We give our clients the highest quality advice possible. Our depth of skill and range of expertise ensures you will get authoritative advice and representation.

Latest News

Changes to Provocation Laws

Queensland Parliament Passes Bill to Amend Controversial "Gay-Panic" Defence Queensland Parliament has passed legislation to change the defence of provocation in section 304 of the Criminal Code. The change addresses concern about the [...]

Inquiry into Incarceration Rates

Inquiry into Incarceration Rates for Indigenous People The Australian Law Reform Commission inquiry into the incarceration rate of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people has had its terms of [...]

Week in Review: 4 February – 10 February 2017

This Week in Law: 4 February - 10 February 2017 We look back on our week in law and focus on a number of legal changes that are in focus [...]

Freedom of Speech

Benedict Coyne, Senior Associate with Anderson Fredericks Turner, appeared before the Parliamentary Joint Committee on Human Rights today for its inquiry into: whether the operation of Part IIA of the Racial Discrimination Act 1975 (Cth) (including [...]

Justice Susan Brown: Supreme Court

Judicial Appointment: Justice Susan Brown Today a welcome ceremony was held to mark the appointment of Justice Susan Brown as a Judge of the Supreme Court of Queensland. The Supreme Court of Queensland [...]